Sunday, May 22, 2011

What is that SCHREKER piece Tuesday?

Have you heard of Franz Schreker? I sure hadn't... but I'm SO ENJOYING studying and learning the remarkably beautiful, evocative Der Wind... It's a real jewel for clarinet, violin, cello, horn, piano. Can't wait to perform it Tuesday evening at the Shakespeare Tavern! You'll be glad you did, I promise!!  AND we're reviving an old ACP favorite by American great - Ned Rorem... his Trio for Flute, Cello, Piano. Back in graduate school at SUNY at Stony Brook on Long Island, I first studied this work with my colleagues in our "Stony Brook Trio," a busy student group coached by Gilbert Kalish and Sam Baron and sometimes Tim Eddy. Many hundreds of concerts later, I still enjoy this big showpiece for all three instruments, featuring a different contemporary compositional style in each of the four movements. AND our big anchor is the magnificent Brahms Gm Piano Quartet, another ACP staple, this time with our great friend Will Ransom (of Emory University) on the piano bench. It'll be a treat to me to enjoy this great landmark romantic powerhouse of a season finisher with you in the audience. See you Tues evening. The Tavern Pub opens at 6:15 pm and our downbeat is 7:30 --- NOT 8:00. SEE YOU TUESDAY, I hope, I hope!