Tuesday, March 22, 2011

KSU Students were our practice audience!

Yesterday it was a treat for us to play on stage in the beautiful Bailey Center at Kennesaw State Univ. for a large group of orchestra students!  Seated on stage with us, the students heard introductions to our Harbison Songs, followed by a full performance, then Gandolfi's Canzona Nova. We really enjoyed our numerous and enthusiastic questions and comments from the students - and we were tickled that they seemed to especially enjoy the Gandolfi! (Almost every student voted it as "very enjoyable"!) It was really great to get to take our two commissioned works to share with curious students!!  Three Chamber Players serve on faculty at KSU - Christina, Cathy and Liz, and I taught there for 3 years a few years back, helping to expand the chamber music program. I must confess I miss the frequent interaction I had with college students for a total of 9 years - 3 at KSU and 6 at GSU. Teaching at a university is a huge addition to one's schedule of busy performances, but it is so rewarding to spend quality and memorable hours teaching and coaching. Congrats to the KSU School of Music during these booming days. And thanks for letting us come and practice performing big chunks of our Tour Program.

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